Storyville Models


The models you see on this website are locals from the communities in which we have shops. Most of the photos that you see on were taken on or around the LSU campus and in the New Orleans Garden District.

All of our photos shoots are conducted outdoors and since the weather is a major factor, usually done on short notice. If you're in Baton Rouge or New Orleans and you'd like to be a Storyville model, get on Facebook and keep an eye on your city's fan page. Become a fan of Storyville New Orleans here and Storyville Baton Rouge here. We also update Twitter with any upcoming shoots. You can also send an e-mail to storyvilleapparel at to let us know that you would like to model, and we will try to remember to give you a head's up before our next shoot.

Please be patient with us -- we love using new people and doing photo shoots, but we have to squeeze the shoots in between our daily responsibilities that come with running our shops and this website. Also, we publicly list the names of our models on this website and on Facebook, so if you don't like having your name out there, you might not want to model for Storyville.

So that's the story on our models. Real people. Amateur photographry. Locally-themed apparel. Pretty cool idea, eh?


A group of Storyville Austin models - February 2009