It's that time of year again and football is in the air! We need some fresh Black & Gold-themed designs to get us ready for the new season. The top prize is $1000. Submissions for "Black & Gold 2016" will be accepted from Monday, August 1 through Sunday, September 11. We need at least 20 approved designs or the contest will be automatically extended for an extra week to allow time for more submissions. You can check out our recent contests here.

All designs must be approved by Storyville. If we don't think your design would translate into a commercially viable tee shirt, we probably will not approve it. As always, art and concepts must be original. Social media support for a design does help a design's chances of winning, but the fate of a design contest submission generally falls into the hands of the Storyville staff (which account for 2/3 of a design's score). Again, the most artistic, original and clever designs fare well in our contests. The winner of the design contest will receive $1000, a free tee shirt, a $25 gift code and have his or her design sold in our shops.


After you upload your design directly to our website and if it gets approved, invite all of your friends on Facebook and Instagram to give your design a "like." The number of social media likes won't determine the contest winner, but they will factor into our decision (Facebook likes both on our website and on Facebook itself as well as other social media support, namely Instagram and Twitter, represent 1/3 of a submission's overall score). Share your design's page on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and via other social media to gain buzz. But, in the end, the most artistic, original and clever designs usually win our contests. Funny or timely works too. On the other hand, poorly-executed, text-based and/or less original designs typically do not fare as well, no matter how much social media support they receive. The Storyville staff determines the remaining 2/3 of a design contest submission's overall score. Original, hand-drawn fonts are always a plus, and will soon be a requirement for all designs.

The winning designer gets $1000 and will have his or her design sold in our retail shops and online. Offers may also be made on non-winning designs. Again, this design competition is open for submissions until Midnight on Sunday, September 11, 2016. As always, if we do not receive 20 approved entries before the submissions deadline, the contest will automatically be extended for entries for an additional week. The winner of the contest will be announced on Wednesday, October 5, at 8 pm at


Ready to go? Create a design and submit it through this website. The design must contain original artwork, and must be completely your own creation. We are not going to pay $1000 for something that you found on Google. Designs must also be print-ready, so that the design can go straight from your laptop to our print shop. Artwork should be created as a vector-based image. This means it's best to create the file in .eps, .cdr or .ai format. Saving a flat image, such as a .jpg file, won't do the trick. The original file has to be vector-based in order for us to be able to print it. However, you should upload a .jpeg version onto our website for viewing purposes. Text can be included in the design, but text-only designs are unlikely to win the design contest, unless they're really, really well done. Finally, please limit yourself to 6 colors in your design so that, if we print your tee, the finished product will more closely resemble your submission.

All contest submissions should be in .jpg file format and should be set at 72 dpi, with a width of 490 pixels and a height of 520 pixels.

Entries will be accepted right here on, and if an entry is approved, it will be available for viewing and user feedback. When the contest ends, the design with the best combination of popular support via social media and critical support from the Storyville staff will be judged the winner. The ultimate goal of this contest is to generate commercially viable products. Upon the conclusion of the contest, Storyville will own the winning design and will make it available for purchase in our shops and here at

Want to know more about the rules for the contest? See our Terms and Conditions here . Please read all of the terms and conditions, and make sure you understand that, by submitting your design in this contest, you cannot print the submitted design or sell it to anyone other than to Storyville until 90 days after the contest has ended.