A savior!  


That’s exactly what Storyville Apparel had been to me last month. I was never more grateful to an online shopping hub than I was with this company. They saved me from my dilemma when the dressmaker of my daughter for her prom backed out last minute because she had to undergo premature labor. I felt for her, but I also felt for my daughter. 


Prom is one of the best and most awaited events in the life of a teenager. To break the news that the dress she was looking forward to being done on time won’t materialized is heartbreaking. So I had to make a plan B. With the occasion looming over our heads, we are starting to panic on where to get the perfect dress for my daughter’s prom. 


It was first just a suggestion made by my colleague at work. Then it was again haphazardly mentioned while I was working on a volunteer project at the local shelter. By then I was running out of choice. So when I arrived home, I started browsing the available gowns and formal wears at the Storyville Apparel website. I admit the choices are overwhelming by itself. There are so many choices available that you want to try it all.  


The next problem now is whether if the dress would look as beautiful in actual. I’ve read the reviews on site and so far everything was satisfactory so I decided to risk it. I decided to order immediately. When I read the FAQs on site, I saw that custom-made dresses would take about 10 days at the minimum to finish. I wasted no time and contacted their customer representative. They ensure me that they’d be able to to do it on time. 


And they did. The dress they made for my daughter made her look like a princess that she was declared the prom queen at the end of the day. 


Storyville Apparel is indeed a trusted and recommended seller.