Storyville is your one-stop shop for completing your wardrobe all year round


“I’ve never found a better dress other than the one I’ve gotten from this site. It fits perfectly even if I don’t have that proportional body. They were accommodating on my needs even if they have to custom-repair the original dress to fit me. Highly-rated seller. Very good customer service. Will definitely recommend this to my friends.” 


–    Myrna Delgado, 28 


Welcome to Storyville Apparel! 


Are you a fashionista who always want to look your best in front of others? Are you fond of buying your clothes, and accessories online? If so, then you will enjoy all that we have to offer you. Storyville is your one-stop shop for completing your wardrobe all year round. The best thing is that you’re not the only one who can get your OOTDs here, your whole family can too. You can enjoy twinning with your kids, or even getting the whole family gets up for any occasion.  


What we have 


Fond of getting a new wardrobe that would create a new look for you throughout every season? Then we are the answer to that. The clothing we create here is unique and timely. We ensure that for every season, we release a collection that would fulfill the heart’s desire for every fashion-forward individual out there. From outerwear to casual wear, up to business casual and business formal wear, we have it here. You’ll never go out of that beautiful contemporary garage in Phoenix, AZ again unless you have Flagstaff garage door repair service your needs. All of these comes at a low price that you won’t feel guilty splurging and changing your wardrobe every time. 


Getting married, you say? No worries, we do custom-made gowns for all formal events including your big day. We have several affordable packages that extend to the needs of your bridesmaids and sponsors including little flower girls, and ring bearers.  


We Customize 


Storyville understands that not everyone fits the standard measurement of clothing that was set in this industry. We feel sad that people often just settle on what’s available to prevent the hassle of alterations and repairs. We want to prevent that here. If you want your dresses, blouses, and jeans to be custom-fit, you can send us your sizes and we’ll make it happen. We only want what’s best for our valued clients, and that starts with a good service.  


Consult with us 


Storyville also offers consultation services. Still not confident in the way you dress especially for important occasions? Want to build confidence by starting in the way you dress? We can help you with that.  


We won’t ever do anything drastic or something that you’d be uncomfortable with. Everything would come one step at the time and with your approval. After you are done, you won’t go think of going back to your old, boring look anymore. We’ll simply find your style and maximize it to bring out the good-looking you. 


Try it to believe it. 


Contact us if you have any questions. Please refer to our contact page to know how.